Business Assessments

Whatever the size of your organization, your company’s most valuable asset is the people that work there. This means not only hiring the right people, but also having motivated, skilled, and effective people in the right positions at the right time. Our business solutions are designed to unlock the potential of your current staff.

Using our unique 4D assessment, behavioral analysis, and profile dashboard tools, we can help you understand how the personalities of your managers, employees, customers, and staff can affect the day-to-day operations of your business. Our clinically-validated behavioral assessment tools use a working knowledge of human behavior to assist companies in making informed hiring decisions, increasing sales, building strong teams, reducing employee turnover, and improving an organization’s overall productivity and performance.

Faith Based Assessments

“Helping you put the right people in the right place for effective ministry.”

We help you identify, place, and retain staff with a complete online system that either complements your existing search methods, or operates as a stand-alone solution. We understand the difference between candidates who are merely qualified for a position and candidates who are both qualified and align with the role and area of ministry the are leading. Using assessment tools designed specifically for faith based organizations we help churches, ministries, and nonprofit agencies evaluate, understand, and select the best people.