Nov 15, 2021Business Coaching, Leadership

The job market is tough right now. Everyone is hiring, pay is competitive and many employers are offering bonuses to get the right employees in the door. But once you’ve hired someone and invested in their onboarding and training, how can you convince them to stay when there are so many other opportunities?

While some businesses focus specifically on pay-driven success – like restaurants – many companies and organizations can leverage something more than pay: mission.

When employees are considering whether or not to stay at a current company or in a current job, they weigh a variety of factors: How happy are they at work? Are they making a competitive wage for the job? Does the wage allow them to live the life they want to live? Does the flexibility of the job match their priorities? Do they feel good about the work they’re doing? Does the mission of the company or organization speak to their professional and personal goals?

It’s this last one that we want to talk about. We all spend a lot of time at work and, for many of us, it’s important that we feel like the work we’re doing is making an impact on others and the world. Of course everyone wants to be rewarded for their work and have flexibility in their jobs, but if your mission is strong enough, it often becomes a guiding light and a priority for employees too.

Now ask yourself this: Do your employees understand your mission? Are you and your leadership team regularly reminding your team how the work they do every day helps the company strive toward that mission? Most importantly… do you understand your mission?

A mission isn’t just your goal as the owner of a company – it’s OK if you just want financial success – but the problem your company is trying to solve. What is the end goal of the service or product you’re selling? For example, if you own a nail salon, is your goal to see as many clients as possible or to help as many people relax and love their nails as possible? It’s all about the approach you’re taking and how that approach aligns with your leadership, your staff and the decisions you make about your company.

If you’ve lost sight of the mission of your company, there’s a good chance you’re as burned out as your employees. It’s time step back and find your why again. Reach out to your local Growth Coach, not just for yourself and your employees, but for the employees you’re hoping to hire too.


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